Our Story

Our story with sailing, dates back to many years ago..

We must mention, first and foremost, that our late father Demir was very passionate about outdoor activities. Along with my brother, our childhood was spent with the excitement of RV holidays. The coast of Turkey and the camping sites of Europe were among our unforgettable memories. During exactly those years in the past, sailing holidays became a part of our lives as an interest of our father. In the beginning, the wooden gulet type boats that we used to charter with close family friends added zest to our summers.

Our dad started getting more involved with boating and had our family boat built as the time progressed. We didn’t even have a chance to discuss what the name of our boat was going to be, because our father had named her after our mother already! This was how our first boat ‘Dilek’ entered our lives and helped us make many beautiful memories for many summers. The property that Vira Demir Boutique Hotel is situated on, has been discovered during one of those boat trips and this was how the seeds of our hospitality experience were planted.

The most important event that shaped our passion for boating along with my brother has been the small boat that our dad had given him because of his good grades when we were just boys. The 3 meter, 6 hp engined, fiber boat was the indispensable part of our summers from then on. This little boat that we couldn’t agree on what to name, is still an important part of our family. Until about a year ago, we were still visiting the nearby inlets, going fishing and taking our friends and their children on short excursions with her; nowadays she is resting peacefully by the dock.

This passion that both I and my brother have for the sea, reflected to real life in the form of Vira Demir Boutique Hotel as a first step. Following that, we’ve implemented boating in our lives again. We started getting interested in sailboats after our father’s passing. After some time, the fact that we were chartering sailboats with our friends for a week each summer started not to be enough, so we started to venture forth to get our own. After researching for several years, we decided on Funda both for our use and enjoyment as well as our hotel guests’. First year we got to know each other with her, and thereafter she became available to accommodate our hotel guests as well. By doing this, we feel that we can spread the joy of sailing to a larger audience.

Spending our time out at the sea has always been enjoyable for us but after experiencing sailing, we’ve felt that nothing could compare to it. Feeling the wind in your hair, salt on your face, defying waves, letting yourself lean quietly to one side while the wind fills your sails, and after anchoring sipping your glass of wine, relaxing on the deck.. Sailing has a way of making each one of us feel differently but the common thread is that once you experience it, you will not be able to back away from it!

Tufan Tiryakioglu